[ Speculator ]

We are thousands left in a tray
Track taken from 'Second Spit : The Other Shore'.
MIXED [ OCT 15 ]

Devoting all my energy to grow
Each of my roots burrows
Even if soon I'll be in a barrow
Still green but look at my pretty leaves
The others have to shake like a leaf

Lots of us were just seeds in a row
Months ago he began to sow
Now it looks like we're competitors
Fighting to be chosen by Speculator

I reached my dream : I'm the beautiful one
Mildew killed all the other ones
That's why he doubled the price
Speculators fight for me. So nice

None alive. I survive. Pay the price
I'm so expensive you cannot buy this
Price won't stop to grow. I have no holllow

[ Chorus ]
Speculator. Modern horror
Abrogator of nature laws

I was lucky. I was plucky
It seems things changed. They get revenge
I was chunky. I was pretty
Speculator is conjuror
Not the only one anymore
I'm a copy and there are more
Was part of a speculative bubble
This logic is abominable

Then my price begins to low
and who knows about tomorrow

My price begins to low. Who knows for tomorrow
I'm a poor tomato. Speculator's like a wino

We're thousands left in a tray
Speculator, I feel betrayed
We're so much. We cost nothing
Speculator's left. No tomato-loving

[ Chorus ]

Broken Down - [ Speculator ]