[ Alienated Music ]

Put your own mind into sounds
Track taken from 'Second Spit : The Other Shore'.
MIXED [ NOV 15 ]

Sample taken from an interview of David Bowie

I really think about this time
when music was still a crime

"The music to me sounds really a little a bit alienated, so I'm very surprised...
- Alienated from what?
- From...from...from... OK, from my
- From your world”

Spreading it was really a conception
No deceitful people and fake connections
No bullshit networks [ virtual relationship ]
Real trading, spreading it like a stork

[ Chorus ]
Backthen people seems true
No hashtags and no rush opinions
Nowaday they talk, talk, talk and judge
While they've only listened for twenty seconds

Today punks are the ones
who prefer To attract people to their works
[ In a real place, in real life ]
Cause it's now so easy to spread
And talk without digging
[ No understanding ]
No respect. People feel strong
Connected on internet
Web bashing is for them
Like belonging to a stupid virtual crew

[ Chorus ]
You should not care
Don't know what they are searching for
Music's your own expression
Worth sharing even out of fashion
Worth sharing. Stop talking

Lacks of technique is not a limit
Authentic music's never parodic
Perform really what you want [ Do it ! Do it ! ]

Have you the courage to do it?

Musical expression always opens for deformation
Put your own mind into sounds
Friends push me when I was kid
Now it's my turn to talk and feed your hope
[ Don't be ashamed ]
Like a fight. This insight of your right
Do something even bad
This is how you'll find
What you need, feel alive
They just talk and try to put a gag on your liberty
Break their elitism
Everybody's the right to record and share
Ignore their bullshits . Who fucking cares?

[ Chorus ]

Broken Down - [ Alienated Music ]