[ Scribble Your World ]

Get a good giggle before taking your turn to scribble
Track taken from 'Second Spit : The Other Shore'.
MIXED [ NOV 15 ]

[ Verse I : Veggie verse ]
Rising my fist. I'm not the first
The fat's in the fire. It happened so fast
Fast as a wildcat cut by a fast rat
Don't wanna begin a fad for freethinking
No glorious feat. I need no meat
I had a good feed then tempted the fate
No pair of flaired. I foist it on nobody
I went veggie like a bird flaps its wings
As any choice it belongs to me
Won't chase you around
Won't cut you off with one chop
Even if you chop the pork so finely
I say, old chap, I don't shake my fist at your face

[ Chorus ]
Your world is bad. Your world is dumb
At a terrific bat it's becoming a dump

[ Verse II : A verse in a bottle ]
Stop thinking global and bring me a bottle
You've not rolled enough to change the rule
It's not real enough to be a fool
Utopianism's dead. Leave the ring now
Don't call me coward when you cower away
Just don't want to be wrung even if I'm wrong
Daily pleasure than waiting for defeated measures
Wide measure of autonomy and no pressure

No tumble, no trouble in my bubble
Don't be befuddled by drink
You won't change a thing
Abandon the struggle. World will crumble
Snuggle up to your lover

There's no tumble. There's no trouble in my bubble
Better snuggle. World will crumble

[ Chorus ]

[ Verse III : A verse and a quiet tipple ]
I found my sparkle with which I gargle
I chortle with pleasure like birds give gurgle
I used to be a guardian and I became a gardener
Don't turn purple. It turned full circle
No pearl of wisdom. No earl of kingdom
You're riffled with problems, the ones for cripples
Don't fight for feed. Don't die in the field
We have a good giggle. It's your time to scribble

[ Chorus ]

Broken Down - [ Scribble Your World ]