[ The Other Shore ]

Imagination throws off the shackle
Track taken from 'Second Spit : The Other Shore'.
MIXED [ OCT 15 ]

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Held on to your dream
Denying the way it seems [ Emotions locked ]
Delusion's a cloud of steam
Sky's got its malicious gleam [ Creating mock ]

Safety buckle. Time to break your shackle

Really no need to be a warlock
Above all just try something instead of talking
You have just to forget your Art-Rock
Won't break the back of the work for you

[ Chorus ]
There is no place for doubt
On the way to the other shore
You are always too far
Impossible to reset and restore

No time to buckle up. It's time to level up
No time to buckle up. Now

Imagination throws off the shackle
Imagination better than gamble

Just forget what you've heard
And forget what you've learned
No more limit. No more shackle
Please push the limits
You're doomed if you let
The past govern your mind
No exception. There are many behind

Stretch the boundaries
It's more than puppetry
Compelling courage
To walk into the unknown
Fear the rectories
Praying narrow-mindedly
Ignorance isn't a bliss
Return where you hide

[ Chorus ]

Last call, last chance
Don't romance this experience
One last dance. Move

[ Chorus ]
Broken Down - [ The Other Shore ]