On The Way To Be Yourself

Normes, dogmas, religions,... so many obstacles
Track taken from 'First Spit'.
Outside as everytime
Your eyes do not deny
Watching him running down from the cross
Never asked for absolution
Fearing him was no solution
Ignore them as much as I ignore you
Mind is full of prejudices
You don't suffer any diseases
You fear appearances
The end blacken as fear's just burnt
Frightened about what may happend
Because you do not understand

Not a shadow of truth in his mouth
Not any chance to shake hands on it
He took one look at you and thought you were ill
He gave his forgiveness then walked away

The first time I set my eyes on you I knew
I knew it was unfair

He burned your dreams down
But please do not jump into the grave
Nobody can create an ideal for yourself
Build up your world

Break away from their rules, their judgments and their friends
Have no faith in him, in them and their dogmas
Leave this religion whatever its name is
Put your ragged fist in the air then lead your friends
And fight against enemies of freedom and freethinking
Doomed, lifer, you've really nothing to lose
Be yourself

For yourself and for those you like
Authorized selfishness
Self-knowledge as only truth

Stop being someone you don't like
Stop being exactly as the next guy
Normalized and standardized to please society
Broken Down - On The Way To Be Yourself