A Pill Hard To Swallow

Lost by too much reflexion about how to sell music
Track taken from 'First Spit'.
Sample taken from Devil's Knot movie.
Following a system's rules
For music I'm on the pull
For fire I needed fuel
Music became a bad gruel
I was really on the game
Searching to overcame
A need of live shows

Instinct through out of window
Authentic spirit in shadow
A pill hard to swallow

Let's take a new start
Rude work, tough time
Promotion, distribution, obligation
Destroyed creativity
Total loss of envy

Hard to find a booking agent
Animal need becoming urgent
Close to ruin everything
I became my own puppet
Gathering clouds of shit, yes this is it
Lay it on with a trowel
Stop being labelled


Time to get down to basics
More feeling, following own feeling
Breaking down barriers
Pleasing my own ears
Broken Down - A Pill Hard To Swallow