You Covetous, I'm On A Roll

They spread their jealousy but never do anything
Track taken from 'First Spit'.
A new day of your life
Forget the afterlife
Pessimistic cry-baby
You're just a layabout
Harsh's your reality
Taking no try-out
You won't head the field
hidden behind your shield

Always covetous of vain glory
Always covetous of celebrity
Always covetous of something
But you never try anything

I need to give you a lesson because you put me on edge
When I see you're still doing the same shit since school age
It reminds me how much you are useless
Your life is wasted, why should I care?

Here's a piece of my time
just to tell you, you get on my nerves
'cuz you're


Regrets and remorses
Have always belonged to you
Your only concern is your own manitou

I'm out of control and I rush forward
I don't care, I really don't care about you coward
I'm out of control and I rush forward
Living loud and fast, living to the last
Now let's the good time rolls !
I need to be positive and constructive
Broken Down - You Covetous, I'm On A Roll